Hyundai and GenRacer Launch TC Class Veloster N for 2020

30 October 2019 TC

Milford, CT – Genracer is happy to announce the newest venture in the SRO TC America class for 2020 and beyond. After many years of developing a very competitive Hyundai Genesis Coupe platform, Genracer is proud to campaign the 2020 Hyundai Veloster N TC Spec and champion its official homologation for this platform.

Genracer has come off its best season in SRO America. Scoring two wins and multiple podiums, the car and team have proven they have the pace. "Our Genesis Coupe program that ran for more than six years was an overall success! Multiple wins and podiums amplified our ability to build a winning program and proves our switch to the Veloster N for 2020 will be successful" explains team owner, Jeff Ricca. The first Hyundai Veloster N was built earlier this year and was displayed in the paddock in the last three SRO America races. With the knowledge and relationships Genracer has built with industry partners, early track testing has shown the Veloster N to be right in the competitive window for TC class.

Hyundai USA contingency is also another bonus with Genracer’s Veloster N TC program. The 2020 soon to be release contingency program is a great incentive to drive car count and help offset season budgets for customer drivers. "Having a manufacture like Hyundai support their racing customers with a generous contingency program brings a lot of value to our program now and into the future" noted by crew chief Michael Sousa.

The Veloster N TC car will be available for purchase to customers in North America as well as track support and logistics from our Genracer team. For further information about the TC spec car, please visit:

For more direct information on racing with us in 2020, please reach out to Genracer through email at

Genracer is the largest online aftermarket parts supplier for the Hyundai Genesis Coupe and Veloster N which is based out of Milford, CT. The company is a division of CIP Motorsports which has been around since 2001, providing aftermarket racing parts for niche market vehicles and serving local customers with racecar preparation and roll cage fabrication. They have been involved in the racing community since 2006 and competing in SRO TC America since 2013. 

The Veloster N TC will also be on display at SEMA this 2019, showcased in the XCLUTCH booth #25151.