Mini JWC Team driver Mark Pombo in the #61 Mini Cooper JCW is up next for our Driver Download! Winner of the first race of this season at Circuit of the Americas, Pombo had 8 podium finishes in 2019 and finished 3rd in the TC America TCA Championship. To find out more about Mark, read below!


Team: MINI JCW Race Team
Car: #61 Mini Cooper JCW 

Age: 37
Hometown: Norcross, GA  
Favorite Track: Road Atlanta
Daily Driver: MINI CountryMan
Dream Car: MINI GP
Racing Hero: Pepe Pombo
Favorite Food: Tacos al pastor     
Favorite Hobby: Soccer
Occupation: Race Car Driver / Accountant
Favorite Vacation Spot: Mexico City
Pets names: Sadie and Mia
First Car: 1991 Nissan NX
Favorite Movie: RAD


How was COTA?
We won the first race and made silly mistake in the second race, which led to missing the podium. Looking forward to redemption at VIR in our Mini Cooper JCW. 

How did you get into racing?
Follwed in my father’s footsteps! 

What is your favorite racing memory?
Winning the Inaugural 2008 TDI Cup race.

What’s the story behind your helmet design?
My brother and my helmets are mirror images of one another. I have my nephew’s hand prints on the back.

Something interesting about you?
Army Combat Veteran

If you could invite 3 people to dinner (living or dead) who would it be and why?
Family members, already don’t see enough of the ones I love.

You grew up attending your father’s races and falling in love with motorsports. What do you remember about those days at the racetrack with your father? Do you remember what it was like racing quarter midgets at the age of five?

I just remember that it came naturally to me and was always where I wanted to be. My father raced a lot, so the weekends I got to race were few and far between. Also, I played a lot of sports and my parents always made any team sport commitments come first if we were on a team. I remember being really upset when I couldn’t race because of those conflicts.

On a more serious note, you served honorably for eight years in the Army including a 13-month tour in Iraq, achieving three Army Achievement medals and an Army Commendation medal. What did those years mean to you to serve your country and how does it shape your approach now especially related to pro racing and competition?

My experience has just made me far more appreciative of my upbringing, family and the opportunities I’ve been afforded. Since returning home I haven’t really had a feeling where I didn’t feel like I was giving something my all.