27 April 2020 TCR

Leading the motorsports efforts for FCP Euro, Nate Vincent has found success in Touring Car racing finishing 2nd in the TC America TCR Championship last season and starting the 2020 season off with a pair of podium finishes. Let's learn more about this week's featured driver with this Driver Download. 


Team: FCP Euro
Car: VW Golf GTI TCR

Age: 34
Hometown: Old Lyme, CT
Favorite Track: Road Atlanta
Daily Driver: Volvo C30 T5 
Dream Car: Something quirky, old, and Italian - Lancia Fulvia or Alfa GTV
Racing Hero: Jim Clark 
Favorite Food: Banana milk shake
Favorite Hobby: Fixing things
Occupation: Director of Motorsports, Race Car Driver, Professional Car Nerd
Favorite Vacation Spot: Anywhere new
Pets names: Alex and Quimby
First Car: Honda Civic - shhh don’t tell
Favorite Movie: Star Wars - Empire Strikes Back 
Favorite TV Show: Band of Brothers


Tell us more about your season opening race at COTA? 
Cota was good!  It was the first time the FCP Euro race team was run 100% by our own staff - as in people from the office of our online parts store.  It was a challenge for sure and there were alot of steep learning curves, but really rewarding to have the result we had.  I was really proud to bring home two podium finishes for the team!

When did your passion for racing begin?
I have been racing since I was about 10 years old. I raced motocross when I was young and found I had some natural talent. Then, around 18 I stopped racing motorcycles. I quickly realized that something was missing. At that point I started attending some local autocrosses with friends to fill the void. I really enjoyed the combination of raw speed and accuracy required to drive a car quickly.  Soon after I attended my first track day and met my future teammate Michael.  

What is your favorite racing memory?
Watkins Glen 2019 when I was able to share the podium with my family!

What’s the story behind your helmet design?
Funny you ask. First I don’t really like “Normal”, to me, so many helmets look just like the next one with a couple of different colors. I started following the designs of all the outliers helmet designers. I stumbled across a Russian designer, Vlad, known as “I Am The One” designs and really liked his work. The problem was getting an expensive racing helmet from Russia was challenging. In the end, Vlad created the design and then helmet painter Alex Alive did the paint work in California. It was really cool to see the design and the work all come together from opposite side of the world!

Something interesting about you that Touring Car fans should know?
I guess I’m really pretty boring… that said, I make some fantastic Lattes at home. Side note - finding new coffee shops is one of my favorite aspects of traveling.

If you could invite 3 people to dinner (living or dead) who would it be and why?
Jim Clark, Ayrton Senna, and Mark Donehue and I would sit back and listen to the stories. 

Your team bio says you are professional automotive enthusiast, engineer, race driver, rally enthusiast, fabricator/builder, aficionado of European cars, husband of patient wife, and father of twins. How do you juggle the demands of running the FCP Motorsports program with that of your family life - especially given you have twins? 

Oh boy, maybe I should let my wife answer this question. It’s a challenge, for me it’s all about compartmentalizing aspects of my life and building boundaries so they don’t constantly bleed into one another. For instance, if I’m at a race weekend I’m focused on my driving and the teams success. When I’m home with family I’m focused on my family and spending quality time with them. That said, It’s really all about my wife and she’s a rockstar. Racing and traveling can be hard but knowing that she has everything under control eases my mind.