1 June 2020 TC

The 2019 TC America TC Driver's Champion, Johan Schwartz has paired up with new team, Hard Motorsport for another go at the TC Championship for the new season. Read more about Johan in this Driver Download!


Team: HARD Motorsport
Car: BMW M240i Racing

Age: 53
Hometown: Charlotte, North Carolina
Birthday: March 18
Favorite Track: Too many to list
Daily Driver: Volkswagen GTI
Dream Car: Free BMW
Racing Hero: Damon Hill
Favorite Food: Sushi
Favorite Hobby: Anything with car control
Occupation: Factory Instructor for BMW and Private Racing Coach
Favorite Vacation Spot: Home to Denmark
Pet names: Tivoli
First Car: Saab 99
Favorite Movie: The Sting
Favorite TV Show: The Office


How was the season opener at COTA?
COTA was disappointing because we didn’t run well. We had a lot of changes, team changes, and we were so last minute being able to commit to the season. This left us with little time to really pull it together and we were working with a shell crew on the car here on the East coast and the rest of the crew on the West coast. Despite being a new team this season and COTA being first time many of us had met, we know there are great synergies and a foundation from which we can develop.

How did you get into racing? 
I was always interested in cars and I made up courses on our family farm and its frozen ponds. A friend and myself did all our own wrenching. We learned a lot about engines and had some crazy custom set ups. When I was old enough I looked to get into organized racing.

What is your favorite racing memory? 
What always comes to mind with this questions was one of my very first open wheel races in Denmark. I finished right behind the leaders, which was a very pleasant surprise.

What’s the story behind your helmet design?  
It’s an incorporation of the Danish and America flag.

Something interesting about you or a hidden talent? 
I served in the Danish Army and was the best sharp shooter in the battalion.

If you could invite 3 people to dinner who would it be and why? 
First would be my Dad (who died in 2011) because I would want to share all the milestones, like my drift records and growth of his grandchildren. Smokey Yunick for all his racing stories when innovation was part of racing and Ron Dennis to hear about how he got so many partnerships to work successfully.

How did you end up racing Touring Cars in the US?  Does your drifting experience help your racing? 

I have lived in the US since 1990 and have followed all US road racing. Touring car because of its price point and because of the exposure it offers. My drifting has helped with my car control on the driving point and recognition as the drift record videos have over 30 million views to date.