2021 SRO Touring Car Series Garagistic and DRS Partnership

3 May 2021 TCAM

We are happy to announce that we have officially partnered with Dynamic Racing Solutions (also known as DRS) to compete in the 2021 season of SRO's TC America powered by Skip Barber Racing series. 

Competing behind the wheel will be Garagistic's founder, Matthew Ibrahim. With years of motorsports experience, engineering support, strategic insights, and track support expertise, DRS is an instrumental partner to helping us achieving that championship in the upcoming season.

Since Garagistic was founded ten years ago, we have been hard at work designing and testing performance products to the limits at the track. From our bushings to shifters, we put our products through extensive testing. With the new partnership in addition to our sponsorship of Rome Charpentier of Formula D, we are committed to taking our new product development to new heights. 

With Kris and the whole DRS team's extensive experience in managing a successful racing crew, we hope to compete and dominate in both grip & drift categories around the world! 


They say the apple doesn't fall far from the trees, did you really think we were going to do this without a BMW?

We will be competing in our new competition car, a BMW M240i that has been blessed with DRS's tuning and care. The car was previously managed by DRS, which makes onboarding the partnership between the two teams that much easier.

With our debut in the season around the corner, Matthew will continue his training/practice in the new car with the assistance of Kris and his team. We will be debuting our first race at the Virginia International Raceway on 6/5. So make sure to tune in to the race! 

We also have a few "surprises" for all of you... did you think we were going to do this without some Garagistic flair?

For all our day 1 supporters, we couldn't have done this without you. We are so excited to be part of the league, and all that the future holds. As always, we will be taking you on our journey from day 1, so stay tuned for our SRO America TC America Series on YouTube!