SRO Motorsports Group launches Road to Carbon Neutrality Competitor Program

SRO Motorsports Group launches Road to Carbon Neutrality Competitor Program
  • New effort focused on creating sustainable motorsport network
  • Competitors encouraged to offset race-related emissions from SRO series
  • Initiative supports world’s largest forest-based avoided emissions project

SRO Motorsports Group has launched a Road to Carbon Neutrality Competitor Programme that will allow teams to offset their race-related emissions during the 2021 season.

The latest initiative forms part of SRO's wide-ranging commitment to sustainability and will encourage stakeholders to prioritise carbon reduction and removal, with the ultimate goal of achieving carbon-zero activities. Emissions that cannot currently be avoided will be offset by investing in carbon credits, thereby supporting established programmes in the fight against climate change.

Using data such as employee travel, logistics and event operations, an average competitor footprint has been calculated for each series by SRO’s partner and sustainability consultant Futerra. This will determine the value of carbon neutral competitor participation, which can be met by purchasing carbon credits towards forest conservation in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia.

The project is supported by SRO and will be implemented by tropical forest protection and restoration specialist Permian Global and its partners. Taking a holistic approach to the global battle against climate change, the initiative will safeguard a vital endangered ecosystem while empowering and educating local communities and building sustainable innovation.

The offsetting programme has been verified by leading carbon standard programmes, including the United Nations, and is subject to additional annual monitoring. By adding their support, competitors have the opportunity to join with SRO Motorsports Group in the crucial journey towards sustainability.

Stephane Ratel, SRO Motorsports Group founder & CEO: “SRO is committed to leading a sustainable motorsport network and the Road to Carbon Neutrality Competitor Programme is an important aspect of this. The support of our paddock is vital and I am delighted that many teams have already joined the initiative. This weekend the Intelligent Money British GT Championship will launch with a fully carbon neutral entry, an important milestone in our efforts to combat climate change while ensuring the long-term health and viability of our sport. I look forward to welcoming more competitors to the programme and sharing further news on our sustainability projects during the coming months.”


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