Garagistic TC Livery Reveal

31 May 2021 TCAM

The time has come! We are so excited to announce our new livery on the 06 and 09 car for this season’s SRO Touring Car of America! We told you we had something in the works for you all.

The design inspiration was taken from the pop art style popularized by Roy Lichtenstein. We put our own spin to the pop art layout, and added some much needed memes to highlight the character of our team. We wanted something that screams Garagistic as we plow through the straights, and Rick Roll other fellow drivers as we get close to them around the twisties!

Matthew (owner at Garagistic) led the conceptualization of both car’s livery. We hope you all like how they turned out!

As Matthew and Kris prepare the debut race on June 4th, we wanted to remind everyone to tune in to the live stream of the race during the day and help rep team Garagistic x DRS!