Champion Download: A few minutes with Gresham Wagner

Champion Download: A few minutes with Gresham Wagner

Gresham Wagner began his racing career at the age of five, racing karts at Langley Speedway. Once he was nine, Gresham made his national karting debut, competing in the 2007 World Karting Association (WKA) Manufacturer’s Cup with MRP-Birel America. During his time in karting, Gresham also competed in the STARS of Karting, BRDC Stars of Tomorrow, and WSK North American series.

In 2017, Gresham advanced into car racing, joining Sick Sideways Racing. After a season in the SCCA Majors Tour, he made his full-season debut in the 2019 MX-5 Cup Championship, winning the championship in 2021 before moving up to the TC America presented by Skip Barber championship, competing with TechSport Racing.

Off the racetrack, Gresham is a graduate of Christopher Newport University with a B.S. in Business Administration and a minor in communications. 

SRO: What were your expectations entering 2022?

GRESHAM: I tested with TechSport Racing at the beginning of the year, both to get a feel for the team and experience the new Subaru BRZ TCA car. It went really well, and I knew that the car and team were a championship winning package. So, joining up with them, the goal was always to win the drivers' championship for myself, and also to help earn them a teams' championship in the process.

SRO: What was your favorite on-track moment?

GRESHAM: My favorite moment was definitely coming from the back of the field in Round 11 at Sebring. The car had great pace, but we were starting last after problems in qualifying. I knew that I could win the race, and I needed to for our championship hopes. To drive through the field was an exciting challenge and to do it in a matter of a few laps made it more satisfying. It was a result that we really needed heading into the final stages of the season.

SRO: Any memorable off-track adventures?

GRESHAM: I don't think there's one memory that stands out itself, but it was a great experience with all of the team, especially with my teammates Shaoyi and Devin. We all got along well and it was fun and relaxing to have a good relationship off the track. They are extremely professional, but Deb, Kevin, and Devin running a family-based team created a really nice atmosphere to work in, and both of my parents were at all the events as well. So, we all just had a really good working relationship, but also a friendship beyond that.

SRO: What does this championship mean to you?

GRESHAM: Coming into the season, all my racing had taken place in MX-5 Cup, and I had managed to win that championship in 2021. So, TC America and this format of racing was a new challenge for me, and it meant a lot to be able to find success and prove myself outside of my specialty. I knew it wouldn't be easy, but it is really satisfying to be able adapt to a new car, new team, new series, and to establish yourself in this talented group of competitors. It was a big deal to help TechSport earn the teams' championship too, with how much tireless work and passion they put into their work and also this series.

SRO: Who are the unsung heroes who helped make this happen?

GRESHAM: The people behind the scenes never quite get the recognition they deserve, but they're the ones that make it possible for me to even get on track. My parents have supported me my entire life in racing, and they work so hard for me to be able to take advantage of the opportunities I do have. And, to have them at every event I competed at this year is something I'm extremely fortunate for. My car chief Brendan Donaldson also put in so much effort for us to be successful this year. His dedication to perfection and taking care of every little detail was a lot of what helped us get the results we did this year. It's the little things that are important to me and that make the difference, and Brendan put in so much effort and attention to leave no stone unturned, so I was thrilled to have him in my corner all year. 

SRO: What are your plans for 2023?

GRESHAM: After winning the championship in TCA, I am looking to tackle a new challenge with TechSport next year that will hopefully get finalized and announced soon. I also continued racing in MX-5 Cup last year, and I'm currently planning on another SRO/IMSA season in 2023. I'm always looking for the best racing and best competition. So, running a dual program is definitely challenging, but its rewarding being in premier series with such a great product, and being able to chase more success and more championships.

SRO: Thank you Gresham.