TC America Powered by Skip Barber Racing School: Explained

TC America Powered by Skip Barber Racing School: Explained

The TC America powered by Skip Barber championship is an important and highly valuable fixture in the realm of professional touring car racing. The longstanding and fruitful partnership with Skip Barber Racing School has enabled some of motorsports’ brightest rising stars to hone in on their driving skills and learn how to engage in wheel to wheel battle.  

The championship attracts aspiring professional drivers who have risen through the renowned Skip Barber Racing School ranks before seeking out the competitive environment offered by the racing series itself. The championship serves as a pivotal launching pad for professional racing endeavors in North America, and is widely regarded as the premier platform for emerging driver talents as they navigate and learn the complexities of racing. 

Structured into three distinct competition classes including TCX, TC, and TCA, the series features factory-built or supported turn-key race cars. Drivers partake in two 40-minute sprint races over the course of a race weekend, sharing the track with the other SRO Motorsports America series such as Fanatec GT World Challenge America powered by AWS, GT America powered by AWS, and Pirelli GT4 America. 

Just like in the other series, each class is identifiable through numbered decal panels located on the hood, side panels, and rear bumper of the cars. They are distinguishable by color in order to assist in differentiating between classes.  


The TCX Class, identifiable by the red decal panels, is the class for the ultimate Touring Cars, primarily featuring BMW, Acura, and Audi as leading manufacturers. The cars consist of sedans and coupes with 350+ horsepower, providing intense and captivating on-track battles across the finest race tracks in the United States.  


The TC Class features blue decal panels, and this class is the home of the fastest “Tuner Cars,” which are either factory-produced or provided by the best tuner shops in America. The 2024 season will see manufacturers such as Honda, Hyundai, Mazda and MINI Cooper fighting for the championship title.  


The TCA Class, marked by yellow decal panels, is primarily utilized for young, up-and-coming racing drivers to learn the ins and outs of professional racing while improving their race craft. It includes a mixture of experienced racers and entry level pros, with the aim of assisting them in progressing to faster cars in the future.