French Connection: TC France Launched for 2021 Season

24 August 2020

Launching in 2021 by the French Motor Sport Federation and organized by SRO Motorsports Group, the French FFSA Tourism Championship will allow our country to find a real national competition for passenger cars. With the same bases as the American TC, TC France will offer two sprint races as part of the French FFSA Circuits Championship. The ingredients for the success of the FFSA GT will be used to offer a very promising multi-brand championship.

By offering its services to the French Motor Sport Federation for the 2017 season, SRO Motorsports Group has resuscitated the French FFSA GT Championship and, more generally, the French FFSA Circuit Championship. The starting grids of the FFSA GT are well filled and the support races, very varied, benefit from the professional supervision of SRO Motorsports Group.

But Stéphane Ratel and his teams are never short of ideas ... The indisputable success of the FFSA GT will lead in 2021 to the birth of a new competition: the French FFSA Tourism Championship.

Like the FFSA GT, this championship is open to cars that are fundamentally very different. As with GT3 and GT4, SRO Motorsports Group has established a strict technical framework and a balance of performance will give the same chances of success to all participants. On the track, at least two categories will be in the game: the TC, for cars of around 300 horsepower, and the TCA, which will bring together cars of around 200 horsepower. In each category, two French FFSA Tourism Champion titles will be awarded by the French Motor Sport Federation: one for the Drivers and one for the Teams.

"With the TC and the TCA, we are resuming the foundations of a championship organized by SRO in the United States and which is working well", explains Stéphane Ratel, Founder and President of SRO Motorsports Group. “We wanted to offer a competition for passenger cars that is adapted to the French national market, and therefore with highly contained costs. Eligible cars are either from promotional cups or approved by SRO on the basis of a model close to the series. Their price cannot exceed 100,000 euros. In the TCA category, it will even be possible to get an approved car from 20,000 euros. "

"I personally had the opportunity to go to the American circuits several times last year," continues Laurent Gaudin, General Manager of the French FFSA Circuit Championship. "I was won over by the concept of the TC, by its simplicity for the competitors and by the atmosphere. We will bring the best sides of American-style motorsport to France with a product that I am convinced meets the demand of many drivers. "

Controlled costs and technical equity

Since its introduction in GT3 in 2006, the Balance of Performance established by SRO Motorsports Group has been a benchmark. SRO's technical teams have never stopped refining their analysis and their computer models with one goal: to balance everyone's chances as much as possible. This new French FFSA Tourism Championship, which we will also call TC France in short form, will therefore benefit from almost 15 years of experience.

"Each car must scrupulously meet the technical definition defined by SRO," continues Laurent Gaudin. "So there is no question of changing your frame outside of what is provided for by the homologation! By doing so, we guarantee our two priorities: cost control and technical fairness. "

To contain budgets, Pirelli will make tires with a long lifespan available to competitors. Two sets of new tires per weekend will be accepted in TC and only one in TCA.

Finally, two drivers will be able to share the same car to further divide the budget. Enough to make this French FFSA Tourism Championship accessible to as many people as possible!

A real pyramid by SRO Motorsports Group

Even more accessible than the FFSA GT, the French FFSA Tourism Championship will be the new platform for access to SRO Motorsports Group competitions. Both for the teams and for the drivers, the pyramid put in place will be clearer than ever. After having shone in TC France, competitors can hope to climb the ranks with the FFSA GT, the main discipline in France, then GT3 for those who would like to flourish at the international level. To put young talents in the spotlight, a Junior ranking will be established.

Six weekends, twelve sprints
Integrated into the French FFSA Circuits Championship, the TC France will offer participants six events. At each meeting, almost 4 hours of driving will be offered with two 45-minute free practice sessions, two 20-minute qualifying sessions and two 40-minute sprint races. A busy program which will delight at the same time the specialists of the races for the “sedans”, the enlightened amateurs and the young pilots eager to be noticed at the national level at lower costs.

Professional supervision

A world reference in the organization of motorsport events for over 25 years, SRO Motorsports Group intends to apply its recipe for success to the French FFSA Tourism Championship. With two leitmotifs: rigor and friendliness. The rigor of a highly professional organization is in no way contradictory with a pleasant atmosphere in the paddock. On the contrary: it is through the severity of its race management and technical controls that SRO Motorsports Group intends to give everyone the same chances of success. And if there is a tie, it is the talent of the drivers and the experience of the team that can make the difference.

Media coverage guaranteed

The French FFSA Tourism Championship will benefit from the same means of promotion as the French FFSA GT Championship. Quality press service, live broadcast of the races on the internet, regularly updated website… TC France will not go unnoticed and will offer a magnificent communication platform for competitors and their partners.

A wide variety of cars

Like GT3 and GT4, TC France will offer a wide variety of cars with very different profiles. Enough to delight the public with different silhouettes and sounds, but also guarantee very lively races with models each having their strengths and weaknesses.

There is already a list of approved vehicles and it is far from exhaustive as more cars are in the process of being approved.

In TC, where the benchmark is around 300 horsepower, we will find the new BMW M2 CS Racing Cup, the BMW 235i Racing Cup, BMW 240i Racing Cup, Alpine A110 Cup, SEAT Leon Cup Racer, Honda Civic R TC Cup, Hyundai Veloster TC Cup and Toyota GT86 Cup.

In the TCA category, we expect to experience magnificent clashes between the Renault Clio Cups of the 3rd and 4th generations, the Mini Cooper Cup, the Peugeot RCZ Racing Cup, BMW 325i Clubsport, Ginetta G40 Junior, Honda Civic Cup SI TCA, Hyundai Veloster Cup TCA, Ford Fiesta Cup and other Mazda MX-5 Cups.

The stage has been set and there is no doubt that passenger car races are about to experience a new lease of life in France in 2021. See you on the Paul Armagnac Circuit in Nogaro on Easter weekend for the first event of a new era!