Devin Anderson Retakes the Points Lead, But He Has More Than Just a Championship on His Mind

Devin Anderson Retakes the Points Lead, But He Has More Than Just a Championship on His Mind

With three events left in the season, the Touring Car America Championship TCA class battle heats up with Devin Anderson retaking the points lead after the Virginia International Raceway round. “Right now I'm just really focused on finishing this season strong. Consistent runs are what is going to win this championship and any failure by either me or the car could cost us everything.” explains Devin. In Devin’s case, the car’s reliability falls squarely on his shoulders.

Devin is the full-time shop manager for the family business, TechSport Racing. TechSport Racing runs six cars across three different series; TC America, GR 86Cup, and GT4 America and is owned by husband-and-wife partners Kevin Anderson and Deb Popolizio.

“At the shop, I am responsible for the maintenance and preparations of our two TCA cars and two GR 86CUP cars in between the events. This means a never-ending cycle of checking parts, performing routine maintenance, full corner balance and setups, and fixing and repairing anything from the previous event” explains Devin. “When our fly in staff arrive at the event, I am the one with the most up to date info on the cars and setup.” 

The 2023 season saw TechSport Racing’s debut in the GT4 Series with the Nissan Z GT4. TechSport’s first foray into GT4 racing changed the management structure of the team.  “In years past, our team ran one or two classes.  With the addition of the third class, we had to expand Devin’s responsibilities to include a much more directorial role.  He has risen to the occasion beautifully.  We are proud of him.” states Kevin Anderson.  Fortunately, Devin has a fantastic team of Race Technicians under his direction that work with him to make certain that once he is in the driver’s seat, he can focus on the task at hand, winning.

In between TCA sessions, you can typically find him running around the team's tent, fixing crash damage, setting up one of his teammate’s cars, directing the crew or working on fuel and tire numbers. It's not uncommon to look around TechSport Racing’s impressive dual awning setup and hear Devin’s name being called by multiple crew members. In addition to his car related responsibilities, Devin also drives the team’s second transporter; a 44ft ft gooseneck to and from every event with the TCA cars in the back. 

Deb Popolizio says “Devin has so much responsibility on the race weekends. He and his crew work cohesively to get it all done. The cars he manages are sitting at the top their respective series. He makes it look easy.”  TechSport Racing currently sits first in the team and first and fourth in the TCA drivers run and second in the team and second and third in the GR 86 Cup championship.  

“I am so excited to experience the new surface at Road America.” Devin says enthusiastically “It is one of my favorite tracks and I am confident that I can do well.”

TCA races at Road America are scheduled for Saturday at 11:20am and Sunday at 9:50am

TechSport Racing is a professional race team operating out of Alton Virginia.  Since its inception in 2015, TechSport has amassed four Team Championships, three Driver Championships, one Crew of the Year and one Manufacturers Championship (Subaru).  TechSport is a family-owned business operated by Kevin Anderson, Deborah Popolizio and managed by Devin Anderson.